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Persuasion Sales – Sales Script Writing

“Many companies now have realised the benefits and strengths of having a unique original sales script written specifically for their products.  Is your company one of them? “

Benefits of a Persuasion Sales Script

The “Persuasion Sales Scripts” have many benefits. The key thing that they do is they turn average salespeople into good salespeople, by simply giving them a script to follow, so that they can implement what the top salespeople in their industry are doing. It allows them to be able to replicate better results on a more consistent basis than the average performances that they are currently putting in. The benefit of a “Persuasion Sales Script” is it gives people a formula to follow, where they can check in and see what actually stopped them from making a sale and points that they could do in the future by following the script to give them the formula to be able to close the deal.

Another benefit of persuasions sales sale script is that it doesn’t rely on the pure talent of the salesperson to close the deal. By modelling what the best salespeople in your company are doing to consistently be the best, we can then implement that into the persuasions sales scripts, and from that we can devise a system so that even your average salespeople have a way to show up with a fantastic presentation day after day after day.

‘Persuasion Sales Scripts’ also incorporate the latest research into mental and psychological triggers that get people to buy products. These are written into the scripts to produce the highest percentage of sales.

The Process

The process of putting together a persuasion sales sale script is both in depth and very detailed. It consists of five steps.

  1. 1. Market Analysis

Once the particular products for the script have been determined, the first element that we work on is analysing those products in relation to the marketplace and compare the products to their competition. Here we are looking for what are the key elements of where this product fits in the marketplace and beginning to start to find some of the key content that can be used in the writing of the script later on.

  1. 2. Identifying the Buying Factors

In this section of creating persuasion sale scripts we interview both current customers and potential future customers to determine what are the key buying factors that have made your current customers buy the products and also what are key factors that have stopped customers from buying the products. We look at what are the tipping point elements that have tipped them over the edge to make the decision of buying a particular product. We also look at what are the elements that have perhaps stopped them or delayed them from buying the product earlier on.

In this step of the process, we create a list of the buying factors used by customers to buy your particular product. Many people mistakenly think that customers only buy on price alone. Numerous sale studies now have proven this to simply be not true.

  1. 3. Designing the Script

Once we have the market analysis done and identified the buying factors, now we settle down to the key part of designing and writing the actual script that your salespeople will use on a day-to-day basis to massively improve their results. The script itself is made up of four parts:

The questions. The questions are what are the key questions to establish a need for this product in your customers and also what are the key questions to put them in the right place psychologically to buy the product. Here we combine both the buying factors and market analysis identified earlier on, with the elements of the persuasion sales system to come up with the key questions your salespeople can use to both gain rapport quickly with their customers and also to be able to set the frame of where there is a demand for the product in that particular customer.

The presentation. The presentation is by far the majority of the script. Here we go step by step and word by word through exactly what the salesperson needs to do to introduce a product, demonstrate a product and establish a product as being the obvious choice for the customer.

The objections. In any sales situation, you’re going to get some objections from your customers. In part three of the sales script the top objections that are commonly heard from customers are listed with multiple answers to each objection. Clearly once the salesperson has memorised some of these answers and understands how to communicate these answers congruently, then they’re able to handle the top 10 objections that any customer will raise in relation to this particular product.

The Close. Far too many salespeople miss out on making the sale simply because they don’t make a good attempt at the close. Here we’ll be giving you the exact words that your salespeople need to use to be able to ask for the sale and measure the customers distance along the path of the buying process.

  1. 4. Testing and Revising

Once the script has been written, it’s simply not good enough to start using it with all your sales people straight away. It needs to go through a testing and revising process. In this process the scripts are tested with real-life customers to see where the strengths and weaknesses of the script are. Once this is done, then any weaknesses in the script are tightened up so your sales team has an absolute effective sales tool to be able to use straight away in selling their particular products.

  1. 5. Script Implementation

Once a script is finished, the script then needs to be implemented in your sales team. This implementation phase is a key area of whether the script will be successful or not. In this phase your sales managers are taught how to use the scripts, both for themselves and how to teach their particular salespeople to use the scripts. They’re also taught how to test people on the scripts and how to check whether your sales team is actually using the scripts or not to improve their results.

Why it Works

The ‘Persuasion Sales Sales Scripts’ work for a few reasons. For a start, they give salespeople a set procedure to follow through on. Far too many organisations leave salespeople to their own devices of coming up with how they actually create the sale. It’s been proven time and time again, that this situation doesn’t work. The scripts themselves are also modelled on the words and techniques used by some of the world’s top salespeople.

Many of the strategies and language that these salespeople use to sell work not only in the industry that they’re currently working in, but work in many different industries across the board. They rely on an intelligent way of selling that uses psychology and persuasiveness to get people to buy the product, rather than average selling techniques such as hard selling and trying to force your products on your customers.

Another key element that makes the ‘Persuasion Sales Sales Scripts’ so effective, is that it gives sales managers the ability to test their sales team very quickly on their presentation, by simply asking one of the salespeople to make a presentation and then checking whether it is the same as the sales script book or not. Very quickly, sales managers can determine which people on their team are really not implementing the skills that they need to, to be able to create higher sales figures.

The scripts themselves are both fixed and fluid. They’re fixed in that they give people the structure to be able to go through them and create the sale, yet they also remain fluid in that it allows for your top salespeople to add to the scripts and to customise the scripts over time. By doing this and sharing their customisations, then your sales team can continue to have a living document which grows over time and improves and allows for adding new products and services your company wishes to sell.


The ‘Persuasion Sales Scripts’ are in use by top financial traders who understand that to be able to consistently get their customers to invest large sums of money, they need a set process to be able to follow-through on. The scripts are also used by telesales people and medical salespeople to take average employees and increase their potential for sales in the organisation.

In many organisations it has become essential to protect them from their competitors, once their competitors have learnt that these companies have been more successful through using the script, often the competitors try to get their hands on the script to be able to see what they’re actually doing. The sales scripts also deal in depth with how to compare your products to your customer’s products and therefore create an evaluation that comes out in your favour. For these reasons, many of the sale scripts are printed on non-photocopiable paper and individually numbered so that they can be tracked in the organisation and so that they don’t go missing.

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